4 Key things ‘Non la’ worth your attention

Simple ways to set and achieve goals

Its not only about practicing. To be good and satisfied in your hobby, espiacally in Irish Dancing, you need to elimate different barriers which you meet everyday. Mindset, plans, money, specific goals and practice tipps summarize the successfactors Irish Dancers. In early years, it is benifical to start getting routine and follow different methods to achieve whatever you want in your live. Which place is better to start with that in your lovely hobby?

We all have that secret champion

Call it your soul, spirit, comfort zoner or your inner couch potato. There are different names for the same thing: your secret champion!
All of us have that very individuel champion which needs to be feed with positive thoughts, training,  a concrete roadmap and little bit of disciplin. Motivation, success and fun is the result. Wake up your secret champion with different methods which are very simple but effective.


Rachael Stuart is..


As a truly secret champion, Simon Pulashkin who attend at the very famous show 'Lord of the Dance' and...